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Get An Appeal Bond In Order To File Your Appeal WIth The Court

Appeal Bonds

What are Appeal Bonds?

If you lose your case, you or your lawyer may decide to file an appeal. In order to appeal your case, an appeal bond must be filed with the court. Also known as supersedeas bonds, appeal bonds are required in cases where the defendant does not want to pay the associated fines and fees until after the appeal is over.

What Are Appeal Bonds Used For?

Appeal bonds are necessary because of potential problems that can arise during an appeal. Appeals can take a long time to process, and, without appeal bonds, a defendant could potentially use the time to disrupt any potential future payments to the court. Appeal bonds are necessary to ensure that the defendant intends to and is committed to paying the full amount in the case of another ruling against them, they must put up a bond which ensures that they will comply with any judgments that are made. If the defendant’s appeal is denied, the appeal bond will stay in effect until the final judgment is made and carried out (fines, court costs, etc. are paid). After the final judgment has been carried out, the defendant will no longer be liable for the appeal bond, and the bond is discharged by the court.

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